You can be sure! from 2005

Tuulberg Index acting globally


The League started with activities in 1995. The biggest events are the Western Basketball League (operated from 1996 to 2003), the beach volleyball competition Haapsalu Beach (1997-2016) and the street basketball championships Haapsalu Street (2005-2016). The most successful event in recent years has been the organization of the Estonian fiscal science competition (since 2003).

The Estonian Fiscal Science Competition consists of three parts: a betting competition, a quiz and the purchase of various assets for sale. The medalists will be explored separately in absolute and elementary school curricula at the Competition. The competition was already organized in 2003 and has gained great popularity among students.

Tuulberg Index OÜ invests in to companies from different regions and sectors of the world. The activity is based on regular analysis and on the involvement of all members of the Index Council in the decision-making process of buying and selling. We started to calculate Index on April 4, 2005 and during this time the index has grown 7.46 times.

Tuulberg Index OÜ involves young people with active and good cooperation for the purchase and sale of securities of many companies. On the one hand, this is a genuine investment and, on the other hand, economic education. The good results of cooperation are shown in the figure below. Although the members of the group are mostly related to Western Estonia and the working language is mainly Estonian, it does not prevent us from cooperating with other countries. Currently members of the group include residents of the United States, Australia, South Africa, Latvia and Finland in addition to Estonian residents. The team can regularly add new companies to the list, exchange analyzes and consult each other. We have now acquired holdings in Bermuda, China, Israel, Japan, Greece, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Markus Meier (Tartu Treffner Gymnasium) was second and Hans Markus Kalmer (Pärnu Sütevaka Humanitarian Gymnasium) came to the pronze medal. Mihkel Teinemaa (Jakob Westholm Gymnasium) was the best among elementary school students. He was followed by Marlene Schwindt (Haapsalu Primary School) and Annaliisa Roots (Kose Gymnasium). Altogether 154 young people registered for the Olympiad.

Lauri Loorits - Martin Loorits came to winners of the Beach Volleyball Championship Haapsalu Beach 2016. It is noteworthy that this is a delicate family where the great experiences of father Martin and the son Lauri's growing power and improved technique give good preconditions for a success. Eerik Salf - Sten-Mark Alberg were best performing among 18-year-olds. In total, 36 male and 5 female players took part on Haapsalu Beach.

Markus Meier (Tartu Treffner Gymnasium) again came to the silver and Rainer Kravets (Tallinn Realschool) got the bronze. Enrik Lillemaa ended the championship as a champion in basic school. He was fallowed  by Armo Tann and Henrik Tali (both Kilingi-Nõmme Gymnasium). Altogether 70 young people registered for the championship.